Thursday, May 24, 2007

Theme of Laura

Okay, examreading-and-never-feeling-that-I-read-enough-and-becoming-depressed-and-it-rains-here-all-the-time-and-a-zit-near-my-nose-that-I-can't-see-but-hurts-like-fucking-hell.

That's my mood.

And I am sooo looking forward to the end of this horrible exam-crap. And tomorrow I am working 12 hours. Hopefully I can get some memorizing of boltzmann distributions done while I am working. Maybe I won't.
And I stumbled across the silent hill movie that people hate, and I actually liked it, even though the girl was a totally stupid pee actor in the beginning. And I remember those waken nights playing that game, too freaked out and fucked up to sleep. Few things scare me. But that game really, really hit a nerve with me. We use to think that everything real is constituted by love, by laughter, by feeling great. But there is also great truth in fear. And that game is a really interesting way to tell a story, and very intelligent, also. Especially the second game, I think, even though I haven't bought it yet. i want to, though...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lime, urine and bone

This one class i am taking, a total scam of a class I just took to focus on statistical thermodynamics which is crazily complex and strangely beautiful, is about the history of chemistry. It is lead by this Swede who wears the same strange pullover day out and day in, has huge, craggy teeth and lived through most of the French revolutions.

Now I am reading the syllabus, which is a book that has to be printed up by the institute because it is no longer in print and is basically a remnant from the Alexandrian library itself.

I am at that place in ancient history where they find out that air is something. The way they found this realy brainer out, was that they took a giant cone with a hole and put it in water and saw bubles. Ergo sum, air is something.

This is just great.

Also, the early alchemists boiled urine with excrement and lime and bone in hope to produce gold. In fact, they did not produce gold, only a strange, guey soup. Maybe they ate it afterwards.

And also, I love those horribly gay Greek philosophers that, on the basis of nothing, conclude that everything is something, maybe its water or mist or simply something empirically named boundless that we cannot see and cannot feel.

God, human history is so deeply depressing.