Sunday, August 27, 2006


I don't really have that much to say. Soon I'm going for a run, because I ate chocolate yesterday, and a lot of it, so I felt sick. It's raining outside, so it will be a soaking experience, kind of deep and spiritual, journeying into the rain and out to the sea.
I am thinking about what music I will listen to, but it's so hard to concentrate because the TV is on and my little sister is watching Disneychannel and a promo about talking cars.

"Etter en stund kom folk bort til meg etter filmen og sa, gud, jeg trodde faktisk de var snakkende biler."
quote from someone who made the film.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Taking a break from smutty recreation

Ok, biochemistry is like serious shit. Just got the book for the advance class(I haven't taken the first class) and I am having a freak out, right this instance. The book is like, a billion pages long, each page as thin as overly possible, attempting to push the material as far as possible, the molecules just barely holding themselves together because the paper is so thin!

See, it's already in my blood!

On a general basis I can conclude that there is simply too much information!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gold dust

You said -
You raced from Langley -
pulling me underneath
a Cherry Blossom

Monday, August 14, 2006

Still still

Too much pRessure. Too much weight. Overwhelming by its sheer scope and grandeur, simply unfathomly grEat and vast and enormous, this thing we call ourselves. Giants, titans, mountains and spires and Bridges and ramparts and old things, ancient things, inherit things, things of maddness and evIl and attrocities and rage and defiance and screaming in the morning sun with the quivering dewdRops and dreading the night and the spies and the dark things, the little things, the bugs and The worms like gossamer threads in the mould with their hairy little limbs, slimy and wrigly gross tHat fit in the cavities and that crawl in your nose and ears and into your eyes and bettwen your teeth and the smell of the rot and the decay and the shit and the dust and the urine and the end.

Just like that.

The end.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hammer, ice and... freon

We have a refrigerator. This might not be an overly exciting way to start this post, but it is the truth, and that is at least something. We have to defrost it sometimes, and to speed up the process that is a long and laborious one at that, having no fridge for the better part of a whole day, and having water all over the place; I deviced a cunning way of getting the ice out quicker.

In fact, it was so cunning, it was cunting.

With a screwdriver and a hammer I just slashed out the ice, even though my mother constantly informed me that I HAD TO BE CAREFUL, because there is a little wire far at the back that connects with the small freon chamber, the gas that makes the fridge work. If I hit that, all hell would break lose. I defrosted the fridge, time lapsed, I defrosted the fridge again.

Each time my mother polietly informed me that I HAD TO BE CAREFUL, because there is a little wire far at the back that connects with the small freon chamber.

After having worked a lot, I came home around nine in the evening and my mother wanted me to defrost the fucking fridge, I told her that no, I am to tiered, so she decided to do it herself.

At two thirty in the morning, I am dragged out of my deepest REM-sleep, completely disillusioned, completely having no idea who I am, where I am, what I am, what time it is, why I have a penis... All those things.
Hysterically, from the other side of the door, I hear my mother screaming

"I hit the wire and got a big spill of freon-gas right in my face! Is this poisionous?! IS IT?!"

I couldn't answer her, most because I don't have any first-hand knowledge of the abilities of freon(my mother thinks because one studies chemistry one has intimate knowledge with the over 19 billion compounds around).
The point is, the entire situation was so absurd, so stupid, so strange, and so utterly confusing that all I managed was to moan some words that it wasn't and fell asleep again.

My mother ruined the fridge and ended up shaking in the night because she thought she was going to die. For some reason she thought the house was going to explode. I don't know why she thinks the consumer-market allows toxic and highly reactive/explosive gases in normal household-objects.

When I told her all this, she was just angry.

So now we have a new fridge.

Friday, August 04, 2006


I hate you, dear spinning instructor Anders. It's true. I hate you so much I seriously had to hold back from just raping you with a stone statue from the medieveal ages, formed to look like Skadi, the frost giantess.
Spinning is so stupid and silly and unnatural that it hardly needs help from you. Why do you say "are we ready?" all the time, scream it over that stupid loudspeaker system so everyone becomes deaf. No one says "yes". Everyone just mumbles annoyed.

Are we ready?!
ARE WE READY!!!!!!!!!!!
(More grunting)
Well, okay then.

I hate the fact that you sing along to your questionable repetoar of music that you have selected from CDs you found in the 90 cent bin at your local gas station. Why do you do that? Especially dumb is it when the song youhave selected is just "I want it all" again and again.
And I also hate the fact that you are so willing to share information about yourself. Why the fuck do I want to know that you have as much warm-water as you want and that you need to get home because you want to watch a rerun of Hotel Penis?
Fuck you asshole. I am going to complain about you.

C U in hell!