Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pagan Poetry

Fuck. I hate old people. Especially on the bus. first of all, why are there so many old people? There should be a lot less, since I am constantly hearing about old women drowning in the bathtub and getting locked in elevators for three years before someone discover them and things like that. Regardless of all these merciful stabs at the "old-people-population", old women and men and the things in between seem to be thriving more than ever. Its really horrible.

And now to the point. Old people in the bus. Every old person takes the bus, because they are too lazy to walk( this is the truth! My grand-grand mother refuses to walk longer than to the mailbox, because, "she was fit when she was young, why should she be fit now?"). So all the gazillions of old people in the world flock to the bus, that I, a poor student, has to take many times a day.

And here's the thing. They are not content on standing. In fact, they fucking EXPECT to get a seat, even though they KNOW that the bus will be really full so people are standing as tight as possible(a good opertunity to rub yourself against strangers until you climax and they will never know who stole an orgasm from them). And here they come, in busloads, these old people who stand next to you, breathing down your neck, the aromas and smells of old things and rotting things driving you mad.

And of course you stand up. Because its the polite thing to do. And we are so fucking polite, aren't we?

But the hellish experience isn't over yet!

When you finally offer them your seat, they start a long charade about how they don't need to sit, and you can just sit, and they have been standing around for years and demonstrating (all old people are dramaqueens) how rickity and frail they are and pretending to shake visciously every time the bus turns etc. And no, they don't need to sit.

And then, because you are so fucking polite, you are forced to INSIST. And when the fucking old dumps of stained and tainted flesh in the middle of disinigration FINALLY sit down, you can't go anywhere because the bus is so full, so you have to stand next to the old person from hell.

And of course, this initates a conversation.

So not only did you fucking have to stand, you are also now trapped in a conversation whith cunt or dick from hell, telling you how they just had an operation and would you like to see the scar?