Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My feet are wet

and there are so many things I should be doing. It's really sad how much time I use feeling guilty about all the shit that I should focus on, instead of sitting in this lousy computerlab(why is it a lab?) and just surfing away my time.

The celing is transparent, so I can see the fall rain and hear it too. It's kind of intimate, and I would love the rain had not my shoes been completely fucking miserably wet.

It's much easier to like something when there is a piece of cheap plastic between you and it.

So, yesterday I sat up until late, getting high on coffein and feeling guilty because I would skip the first lesson, and now that I am here it turns out that there isn't so much I have to do, which has been a lot this semester. Now is the time to repeat and digest!
Fuck digesting.

I don't really feel like anything. Wait, I feel like eating candy. Chocolate.

Time to do something. Read thermodynamics. That's what'll do.

And then I'll eat.