Saturday, June 17, 2006


I was just moving all my Joni Mitchell CDs over to my MP3-player, and it just hit me:" Holy Jesus, Joseph and doggy-style Maria, in just a day I am going away." Because, well, in just a day I am going to take a car to a plane and a taxi to a train, and then I will travel so much I just become a shadow, forced to oblivion by the magic of Joni Mitchell's haunting, eerie and beautiful voice and lyrics.

I forgot to buy a hundred thousand cameras, so I just have to remember everything that happens, even though I would rather have photographic evidence of all the sick crap I am going to to in eastern Europe, journeying across the plains, the mountains and over rivers and lakes, through cloud-spires and nights and days.
I hope I won't get too drunk, but that is probably just because I am still a little hung-over from last night when I pig-danced at some strange place. It was fun. Then I slept in a couch and woke up like every fourth minute because I had to pee. That, however, was a little tiering.

I am not sure what I am looking most forward to. And that is because I, the biggest, fattest control-freak in the gaping universe have almost not planned anything at all. I haven't even bought a Lonely Planet book, so when we end up in Krakow we won't know how to find the sex-museums and all the cheap prostitutes.

Ha ha, by the way, my mom had a serious speech earlier about venereal-dieseases. She said that I had to be careful. And then she had a long monolog concerning the fact that I had to not be naive about my money and the passport, and when I told her I am not retarded and know these things, she was seriously insulted, as she usually is, so I felt bad and tried to act interested in the brand new information that I shouldn't flaunt thousands of (insert currency) when I bought something.

She is a very strange person.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rita Chung

As always happens as something I have been working on comes to an end, my mind wanders and begin to construct my new project. I have already figured out two of the characters, and one of the two is going to be called Rita Chung. She is kind of based of Amy Sohn(Don't know how to put up a link, so you have to google her if you are that fucking interested) and she is also going to be an anorxic, I think. I have written kind of a small journal for her, but it's on the other computer and I am not allowed to couple that computer to the broadband, because, frankly, I think my mother thinks I am going to download porn or something, which, of course, is true.
But she doesn't know that.
So it's all very unfair.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Alive and... well, not well, but alive.

If someone was wondering:"Hey, what happened to that fat guy in that TV show" I can't help you because it is vague what TV show you mean and I never watch TV in the first place, and I have a golden rule never to watch any shows containing fat men because the show is so bad they have to bring in the freaks to make it worthwhile to watch it.

IF someone was wondering, however,:"Hey, are you dead?" then I could answer that, no, I am not dead. I am simply having my exams. And two of them are finished, and if I don't get AT LEAST a B on them, then I will not be alive any longer, I will be DEAD.

Thank you for your time.