Thursday, May 25, 2006


Genuine quote from an exercise from my text book in organic chemistry:

"Since all hamsters look pretty mych alike, pairing and mating is governed by chemical means of communication. Investigations have shown that dimethyl disulfide is secreted by female hamsters as a sex attractant for males. How would you synthesize dimethyl disulfide in the laboratory if you wanted to trick your hamster?"

I outlined the entire thing with orange pen and wrote:" PERVERT!!!!". And I wanted to draw a man with a tiny penis, but I never got around to it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Everything is going straight to HELL

That's right. I am having a complete break-down, melt-down, anything-down. I am falling apart, disintgrating before the ending of the world. I AM DYING! Or, worse, I am going to get something under a B on my exams. Which is, like, the worst thing ever. It's almost as bad as waking up in a bed with an exchange student with an icky the size of Northern America on my neck and sperm all over me... Eh...

The ironic thing is of course that I should be reading right now. But since the term ends in like, two weeks, I just can't seem to focus enough. I have another whole fucking week of reading organic chemistry and linear algebra(if I hadn't taken that course, I wouldn't have gotten that joke in Thomas Pynchon's novel "V", so the obscure Dr. Eigenvalue give-away made this whole hellish experience worthwhile.)

So fuck me I guess.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Resonating creation...

There is something incredibly beauiful in a used contact-lens.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Diddler on the Roof

Oh my GOD! Did anyone else see that? Stephanie just crashed in the Bold and the Beautiful! Is she going to have amnesia? Is she going into a coma?Is she going to have a brain transplant so she becomes that bitch Amber who went to her mother to have the child and then the child died and then she ripped off Tiffany's wedding dress?

Oh, by the way, that had nothing to do with anything. So file it under irrelevant(which is now, officially my favorite thing to say. That can also be filed under irrelevant.)

To be honest, this post was really going to be about porn. You know, wierd internet porn or that cheap porn from poor countries from Eastern Europe where six guys are building something, which turns out to be a bed, and then they have sex on it.
This is by the way my favorite porn-plot ever and I laughed so hard I almost came.

It turns out I really want to make this post about the Bold and the Beautiful(look, it is in bold!) so I guess I am going to, then. That is what I love about this blog, it doesn't need to have anything to do with anything and can switch like a kaleidoscope.

This is a typical scene from the Bold and the Beautiful, but now my sister wants the computer so that's it I guess.